I Care

I strive to help people develop a solid foundation so they can be successful. I will work with you to fine tune your individual long term goals. Find out how I can help you today - call 978-436-0233!

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Qigong - Reiki - Yoga -

Meditation - Thai Foot Reflexology


My belief and practice is Everything is Energy.  Energy healing brings our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being back into balance with each other.

As humans we try to repress painful experience ad memories from our reality.  When we do this we block our life force energy.  Signs of blockages are depression, doubt, self-loathing, anger and fatigue.  Energy healing will restore the life flow helping you to show up consciously for yourself, awakening to a new depth of self-care, self love and increased vitality.

I will work with you to establish a greater sense of purpose and focus.  Energy healing will allow you to take the journey you were meant to.

Some say my greatest gifts are compassion and my heartfelt desires of caring.  



  • Reiki Master
  • Registered Nurse
  • Full Spectrum Energy Medicine Practitioner
  • Certified Qigong Instructor
  • Certified Rest and Renew Instructor
  • Integrative Energy Therapy (IET)
  • Certified Thai Foot Reflexology